Invite string hitting the wan - but not the lan

Hi folks - I’m having a slight issue with my remote SIP phone. I’ve got the correct ports opened up on the peplink and the phone is showing a register status and is connecting to our internal PBX system just fine. I have logs to show this connection to the PBX and all seems to be a-ok. I have also turned off ALG on both the Peplink and my remote Netgear router.

The issue seems to be the INVITE string that gets sent from the remote SIP phone to the peplink - we currently see all the correct packets on the WAN side but when we look for them on the LAN side of the peplink appliance the INVITE string is no where to be found on the LAN side. We are however getting NOTIFY and CANCEL request from the SIP phone on both the WAN and LAN side.

We are using the following:
Balance 305
Hardware Revision - 2
HA mode with three WAN connections - Cox Fiber - ATT Fiber and Cox Cable.
Firmware - 8.0.0 build 2636

Everything else seems to be working great - I hope someone can assist me on this as we need to stay on this version for the OpenVPN capabilities.



This is the intermittent problem ? That mean it work all the times and out of sudden the issue happen ?

Would you please open a support ticket here and include all the packet capture files for support team to check ?

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This problem is not intermittent - happening all the time. I have also just setup the remote IP-SIP phone with my PBX provider and he was the one that helped me debug the issues - as much as he could. When it was all said and done he requested that I reach out to Peplink support and see why what packets are hitting the WAN do not get processed over to the LAN.

As for opening up a support ticket - I did that yesterday. I will keep you posted - Thanks

Ok - Peplink - I’ve got it figured out - well at least I have a solid work around.

I was using an Ipitomy IP320 phone on the setup and I know it’s a bit old so I decided to setup a Yealink T29G IP phone and all is working as needed now with no changes.

I guess that is what I get for using fairly old IP phones…anyway we can close the case - Thank you.!