Invalid Firmware for AC Mini

i am trying to find a firmware pack for AP one AC Mini " V : 3.5.3 " to upload it to the Balance to deploy the new FW to my 35 AP please advise,

PS: the normal FW is not working with me through the controller it’s give me invalid Firmware Pack .


AP firmware & firmware pack are two different firmware file. You can’t upload the normal AP firmware directly to the balance device.

May i know what is the firmware version running for your Balance device ? Do you try be before using the AP controller toolbox to check for the update ?

For more information regarding to the toolbox, please refer to the attached screenshot.

Thank You

Yes I know there is different between the normal firmware and the firmware back for that I ask for the firmware back.

I treid the toolbox but it’s not showing any new fw.

I have Balance 710 with 6.3.1 and pepwave ap one ac mini with 3.5.2 fw


Just need to check did the B710 having active internet connection for the firmware pack download ? You should able to get the latest firmware pack when you click on the " Check for Update" button.

Do open a support ticket here for the team to further check if you have active internet connection for the B710 and the firmware pack doesn’t show up.

Else if the B710 deploy in a private network without active internet connection, you have to download the firmware Pack manually and upload to the B710 using the toolbox.

You can download the AP Firmware Pack using the URL below:

Thank You

thank you, everything is good now :up: