Intrustion Detection Email

Hi, I’m the new owner of a Peplink Balance 20. I can’t seem to find if it has Intrusion Detection and if it does, can it alert you by email when this happens? We had an incident where a computer on our network was remote controlled. So I immediately activated the firewall blocking Remote Access. But I cannot get to all the machines in a timely fashion. So I was thinking of putting in a firewall until I saw that Peplink may have what I’m looking for. Can this be done on Peplink Balance 20?


Hello and welcome to the forums!

There is a button under the firewall settings you can use to enable “IDS and DDoS Protection” but really this is not what I would consider a modern IDS/IPS solution or one that would do what you are looking for, unless you are expecting to be “attacked” by script kiddies from the 90s… :slight_smile:

We typically use boxes from Palo Alto or Fortinet for this sort of thing sat between the Peplink and the internal LANs and leave the Peplink to do what it is really good at which is managing the upstream connectivity (bonding, site to site, sd-wan stuff etc).

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