Intrusion Detection Logs

I am currently running a 580 and have enabled the intrusion detection capabilities. If the box detects an attack is it logged anywhere? I’d like to be able to review these logs.

Hi Danny,

The Intrusion Detection and DoS Prevention option on the Firewall section (Network > Firewall > Access Rules) is more of a background/behind the scenes option that the Balance automatically does when enabled.

It looks for specific styles of attacks, when enabled, protecting against the following types of intrusion and denial-of-service attack.

Port Scan


Xmas Tree

Another Xmas Tree

Null Scan



SYN Flood Prevention

Ping Flood Attack Prevention

Because this is an automated/background process, it does not get logged on a report for review.

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The Peplink Team

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I am also wondering if there could be a way to see a log of or a graph of attempted intrusions that could be displayed on InControl2 ???