Intrusion Detection and DoS protection Feature

Dear Team,

For Peplink Balance 380, I found its throughput 1Gbps in the datasheet, so if we will enable the feature Intrusion detection and DoS prevention on it. the question is when we enable this feature does it will Extremely affect the performance and Throughput of the Peplink Balance 380 or not?

Please advise, thank you!

FWIW: Just testing a B380 HW6 on a 1Gbps connection with Intrusion detection and DoS prevention ON: 890/660 Mbps.

With it OFF: 750/460 Mbps.

In other words: Other factors seem to dominate.




thank you for your feedback. But what you mean FWIW?

However, you mean that once enabled Intrusion detection & DOS prevention os consume 890/660 Mbps of device throughput?

My apologies - US acronym: FWIW = β€œFor what it is worth.”

With Intrusion detection & DOS prevention the speed was 890/660 Mbps. With it turned off the speed was less. Thus ny conjecture that other factors mattered more.



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Interesting find. I would have assumed the opposite given the additional processing overhead to run the IDS/DOS processes.

Thank Guys, for your comments. Thank you!