Introducing Web Content Filtering

Thanks. I didn’t see that originally. I guess I don’t have it on mine. It’s Hardware Revision 1. Although I’d like to have that option, I’m not going to purchase another unit just for that.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Got burned today, (r20170307) with only Adware selected blocks Gotomeeting.


Do you have the details URLs for gomeeting that had been blocked ? We can actually recheck the URLs list.


Unfortunately no, the users are remote from me and were down to the wire to start a webinar so I had to just disable.

If this is the case, I would suggest exempting the User Groups or Subnets instead of disable the Content Blocking.

Hope this help.


Thank you TK that does help. One other question, does URL logging mark Content Blocked URL’s so that I can observe incidents of attempted access to Blocked URL’s?

Yes. You will see something like Domain <> has been blocked by content filtering category .


Updating the Content Filtering Database Blacklist?
The Status tab of my Surf Soho MK3 (7.0.2) shows a Content Filtering Database of (r20170307). Is the latest database 3 March 2017?
(I clicked on the Download (r20170307) hyperlink and the file blk_list_ssohomk3_2933D71744EC was downloaded to my computer, so there doesn’t appear to be a method for manual update.)

Hello. There are several sites blocked in the Lite version that make no sense at all being blocked. For example, youtube_com and netflix_com under “audio-video”, and hulu_com under webtv. That is enough to need to disable both categories for a home setting because I need access to them! (Manually adding each doesn’t work because they also use other sub-domains which are also blocked, so the videos still don’t play. For example, images_netflix_com is blocked under “ads”).

Other benign sites are rendered useless with certificate errors if any content blocking category is enabled at all, suck as lifehacker_com and people_com. Only disabling all categories allows them to work.

I think Content Blocking is going in the right direction, but the lack of granularity in the “lite” version and lack of more frequent database updates make this feature extremely limiting at the moment… at least for home-office users like myself.

Gabriel Mongefranco

I am using balance 310 and I need to block proxy/anonymizer sites and since it is using lite version, the proxy/anonymizer is not included on the options. Proxy sites are too many to add manually. Is there any other way to address this?

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To Peplink Support: How often do you plan to roll out updates to the content filtering database? The last update is quite old.

If this is too much to manage internally, how about letting end-users import our own CSV lists? That way we could import lists, for instance, from AdBlock Plus.


Better yet - Can we just get the ability to add our own data sources for content blocking?

I’ve been using PiHole and PfBlockerNG at home and found very nice curated lists like It just seems logical to me that that a single purpose professional service with a 100% stake in generating this type of data source as their product is going to be very intent on creating a premium business friendly product.

In addition to that, manipulating these blocklists in shell scripts is tremendously easy to do. I can’t see any business getting much benefit from the black box blocklists presented in Peplink. Open it up to custom data sources though and this becomes a very useful feature.

Going a little further - some reporting built into the UI on at least top domains that were blocked by the ruleset would also be huge. Not just for curiosity sake, if a list intended to block malicious domains suddenly has an unusual amount of blocking activity reported this is
yet another area to add easy visibility into harmful behavior on the network. And one thing that Peplink has done for me is make harmful traffic surprisingly visible through simply offering an easy high level view. This kind of reporting on custom blocklist activity would enhance that aspect of the product.

Not harshing on Peplink at all here, love the gear, and I appreciate the blocklist feature as a first attempt, but it looks to me like there is low hanging fruit here to expose this feature in a way that really enhances the product.


Blocking based on what? Who’s definition of “tobacco” for example?
Is there an appeal process? What does the user see, and if they feel there’s a mistake, what do they do?


It’s local, if there’s a problem you just whitelist it to override the blocklist. The user can see
whatever you want them to see by resolving to something local, if you want the effects visible that could be a bright red square.

is there a bulk way to do this with IC2 ?


Exatly this question I received today from one of our costumers.

They also need a possibility to create the content-Filter roules in a central side and bring it to all of the Peplink-Routers.
@TK_Liew do you have some informations if this can be implemented in IC2?



That’s exactly the feature we’re looking for right now.
This would make management and mass deployment much easier for us.


Hi Peplink Team.

Quick question:

Will the “web blocking list” be updated even if the device is out of warranty or IC2 subscription?


@hcardenas, Content blocking list will be updated without warranty or InControl2 subscription.

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hello, just purchased and setup a soho. i have downloaded the cvs file, am i supposed to copy/paste it into the csv view of the “customized domains” section? or is it automatically updated internally with just the check-box check in “content filtering database auto update”?
thank you.