Introducing the Tough New MAX HD2 IP67


Designed for machine-to-machine communication, surveillance, military and other mission-critical applications outdoor, the MAX HD2 IP67 comes in an IP67-rated waterproof enclosure and is as comfortable on a construction site, oil platform, disaster scene, or factory floor as it is on a battlefield. Wherever your work takes you, the MAX HD2 will stand up to just about anything, without compromising the features you’ve come to rely on.

Learn more about the MAX HD2 IP67 at

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Kurt, please indicate where to buy the antennas for data since they are not available in Maybe those are easy to get once you know the exact part number.

Help !


Heriberto, you can use any 3rd party antenna you wish. The connectors on the HD2 IP67 are N-Female, so you just need to have the right adapter/pigtail.

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