Introducing the New Rugged Switches!

2020-01 ANT-107-05
We are proud to announce two new ruggedized switches:

  • 16-Port Switch Rugged. This model features a combo port, a ruggedized fanless design, and LAN Bypass. LAN bypass enables a port to stay connected, even if the switch loses power. > See introduction video <

  • 24-Port Switch Rugged. The biggest entry to our rugged series yet. It features a ruggedized fanless construction, increased temperature tolerance, and 24 ports of centrally managed PoE power delivery!

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Hi - does Peplink have any plans to release non-PoE switches? This would round out the portfolio as well as provide options with lower thermal and power draw for applications that don’t require as much PoE for hopefully a reduced cost as well.

Or partial PoE Switches… to keep the rack depth low and keep the devices fanless in some cases?