Introducing the New Router Utility App for iOS with Firmware 5.4.7

Monitor and control all your Balance and MAX routers from any iOS or Android device (coming soon) with the new Router Utility app. Ready when you are, wherever you are, the Router Utility app gives you instant insight into device status, events, bandwidth usage, and more. And with full support for push notifications, you’ll know immediately whenever there’s an important status change or performance issue, helping you to keep small glitches from becoming major problems. Get the new Router Utility app today!

Get Our New Router Utility App & Firmware 5.4.7 Today
Firmware 5.4.7 is available now. Get the firmware as well as Router Utility to get the easiest, most efficient, and most flexible way to manage all your Balance and MAX routers.

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Where do I find username and password that is required to add my pepwave soho device?

It will be the same username and password that you use to access the Surf SOHO web admin page. Username will be either user (read-only) or admin (full access).

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Has anyone used this app on iOS 8 yet? Any problems? Is it being updated for iOS 8, or is it good to go as is? Thanks.

We’ve tested the Router Utility app with iOS 8, as well as with the new iPhone 6 and 6 plus. So far we have not experienced any issues!

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