Introducing the EPX - Our Most Powerful Router Yet


Introducing our brand new powerhouse router, the Peplink EPX! This impressive workhorse combines pure power with advanced customization, scalability, and future-proofing capabilities with its forward-minded modular design.

The EPX is extremely effective in providing unbreakable cellular connectivity, as it can support up to 18x simultaneous LTE-A connections with redundant SIM. For deployments that need custom app hosting, the EPX has optional ContentHub support for Docker containers and web apps.

For now, we are selling the EPX in 3 fixed configurations. However, after the upcoming firmware upgrade, you’ll be able to mix and match modules as needed. Check out the new EPX web page to learn more!


Does EPX have an API to the cellular module? I want to automate sending SMS messages.


EPX support : how many peers PepVPN/Speedfusion?
GPS have in All Cellualr Module have NEW feature?


Can you tell us more about your requirements of sending SMS messages and why do you need it?

Are we talking about sending a large amount of SMS?


Hi Alex,
Our company has a monitoring service for SMS text messaging. So, we would send a message… wait up to 2 minutes for a reply message (the backend SMS app will reply) and if we don’t get a reply… we send an alert to our customer support staff.
We are not “spamming” SMS messages… just sending and receiving to our established customers to verify their SMS applications are working as expected.
Our current solution use a “cellular router” that has 1 SIM card per router. We use a API that was provided by the hardware manufacturer to control sending and receiving the messages.
We are hoping that the EPX can be used for the same purpose, but scale better then our current solution.


It’s been 20 days since I replied back to your question… can anyone from Peplink respond?


Whats the reason / use case for a hardware based SMS solution? We use Twilio for this which enables us to work with a global customer base in a very cost effective manner. I’d hate to have to rely on a physical device for something as important… curious as to whats driving that requirement for you in your application?


Could we please have a bit more info on the specifications of the EPX?
e.g. Maximum amount of APs supported and maximum amount of SpeedFusion peers
The spec sheet is pretty vague and does not have the kind of info that the Balance of MAX ranges have on their spec sheets