Introducing the BR1 M2M!


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We’re excited to announce a new addition to the BR1 Family: the M2M! The BR1 M2M is equipped with the 9-pin serial connector and a Molex Micro-Fit connector for power input. Most importantly, the BR1 M2M can be remotely managed and configured from InControl, saving service trips.

This is particularly useful for deployments where you need to attach industrial IoT sensors such as flow meters for consumption monitoring, as well as environment sensors and supply level sensors for resource management.

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Hi Alan, Is this device Class 1, Div 2 certified?


Good to see this nice product. How much is the price ?



Hello @Alan,
This looks great, is there going to be an LTE-A chipset version so that we can support the use of band 28 (700Mhz) as required here in Australia with Optus & Telstra?
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Hi Alan,

how do we collect the data from the RS232 port? Is it done via API?



You can find information here


I note from studying the WebAdmin Advanced UART page that the Operation Mode selector is a pull-down, with only “TCP Server Mode” populated in the source code. Is there an intent to add further modes to the UART function, please?

I imagine folks might have a use for mirroring a port to another BR1 M2M device remotely…


Would you elaborate further on this application use case?


This concept requires the M2M device to be able to act as Client, when ‘paired’ with another M2M configured as ‘Server’, all data received on the 232 port is sent to the other device and outputted through the 232 port at the other end. And the same in reverse.
Use Cases:

  1. Legacy PLC point-to-point link previously using POTS with modems (or perhaps leased lines) replaced with a pair of BR1 M2M devices to save costs, or to mitigate a temporary line problem.

  2. Legacy diagnostics data output on trainborne equipment using RS232. When a particular train is causing problems, put an M2M in the train and another on the Technician’s desk rather than send her to sit on a train all day.

Hope this helps.


Does the serial port support PPP?


It looks like the scenario needs TCP Client Mode, where this feature is targeted on 7.2.0 firmware.

Do take note that the pair of MAX BR1-M2M is merely the medium to transport the packets over in [Serial->TCP->Serial] format, with no intelligent to recognize the content of the data sending over.

Would you mind to elaborate more on your use case as PPP usually meant for Dial-up access to Internet?


Hi @WeiMing.
Please could you advise when we can expect to get access to Firmware 7.2.0?
Many thanks.


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@JonathanGroves, we have renamed the 7.2.0 to 8.0.0, currently, in Beta 3.

You can download the 8.0.0 Beta 3 here.


Thanks very much for the update.

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Can you please tell what is this terminal block for?




Same as my question guys what is this terminal block?


This is for GPIO. It is for future enhancement.


Ok got it thanks for your reply friend. :slightly_smiling_face: