Introducing the Balance SDX!


We are thrilled to introduce the Balance SDX! This time, we’re taking the high performance and modular construction of the “X” series and putting it into an enterprise branch office platform:

Supports High Traffic: The Balance SDX has 12Gbps of throughput; enough to handle anything you throw at it.

Futureproof Design: The Balance SDX has a FlexModule slot, enabling it to support a wide range of interfaces. We are constantly developing new FlexModules, so you will see new ones as new technologies emerge (such as 5G).

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I am confused between Balance 1350 vs Balance SDX C1 as i want to upgrade from B710. Which one is superior box for Data Center [heavy traffic] since SDX has 12 gbps throughput, better than 1350 but less throughput in SpeedFusion & less recommended users than 1350. what is d B1350 similar model in SDX series ??

Please help me with the same …



Dear @Ashis_Banerjee

Thanks for your inquiry.

Balance SDX is mainly targeted for high performance Enterprise branches. Its modular design
allows to attach necessary interfaces including 4G cellular modems, optical fiber and 5G in the future.
The router has minimum 8 ports with PoE+ out to feed Wi-Fi AP, IP phones or cameras.

SDX equipped with additional 8x GE interfaces can be a good upgrade option to your B710 in the Data Center.

Comparing SDX-C1 with B1350, both are serious in the term of performance. Depending on your
networking scenario B1350 might be slightly better. Please consider those parameters when making
your decision:

  1. Maximum routing/firewall throughput: SDX-C1 wins
  2. Maximum PepVPN throughput: B1350 wins
  3. Maximum number of users: B1350 wins

If there could be a possibility I would suggest to try both devices practically.

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