Introducing the Balance 30 Pro!


The Balance 30 Pro is the one-device solution for small office and retail connectivity. With the PoE Activation kit, it can support 4x 802.3af PoE ports for powering your webcam, VoIP Phone, POS Terminals, and access points. It also delivers 802.11ac Wi-Fi for connecting your team or your guests.

The Balance 30 Pro features two Ethernet WAN ports as well as an LTE radio, ensuring multiple options for failover. With these WAN connections, you can use WAN Smoothing technology to ensure consistent VoIP and videoconferencing. No more jitters.

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Just found out a feature that is not mentioned anywhere in the specifications. When a PoE (af/at) switch/injector is connected to WAN1 as an uplink, it actually also powers the Balance 30 Pro. That is a nice feature, you should add that in the specs.
Overall very impressed with the performance and features of this new product.