Introducing the AP One Mini (HW3)

The AP One AC Mini will be getting a hardware revision but with a name change involved as well. It is important to take note of the specific details that are relevant to this revision.

What’s changed?

  • Name
    The AP One AC Mini will be renamed as the AP One Mini. This change will be reflected on the website, datasheet, system, device UI, and label. However, there won’t be any changes to the SKU.

  • Firmware
    The AP One Mini (HW3) will come with its own firmware and cannot utilize the firmware of the current AP One AC Mini (HW2). This distinction mainly matters to users when they need to upgrade the firmware or set the firmware policy in IC2. It’s crucial to remember selecting the correct firmware when performing the upgrade.
    However, even with this firmware difference, both devices are practically identical. There are no variations when it comes to settings, features, configurations, and UI. Whatever can be seen in the existing firmware, it will also be found in the firmware of the AP One Mini (HW3).

  • Hardware Component
    There have been some minor hardware modifications that have enhanced the power circuit, resulting in improved overall efficiency. The maximum power consumption has been reduced from 12W to 9.5W while maintaining the same level of performance.

Remain Unchanged

  • Same SKU - APO-AC-MINI
  • Same price
  • Same dimension
  • Same feature, setting, configuration and UI. The AP One Mini offers the same capabilities and functionality as the AC One AC Mini, as mentioned above.
  • Same performance

In summary:

  • Current offering: AP One Mini (HW3)
  • Previous offering: AP One AC Mini (HW2)

(Updated on 16 Aug 2024)


Good to know the device with new name.

What’s the release date?

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Same SKU, but a different product?
As a customer if I have multiple of a SKU, whether that’s a router or any other product, I would expect them to be identical. This seems like it will result in confusion among customers. Why not simply change the SKU, or use a new HW rev? APO-AC-MINI HW3 seems like a reasonable solution that is self explanatory.


Seems to be a disconnect in the original post.
The current device is referenced as both HW2 and HW3. Which is it?

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Just to clarify, I have made an update to the original post.

The AP One Mini (HW3) is now available.

  • Current offering: AP One Mini (HW3)
  • Previous offering: AP One AC Mini (HW2)