Introducing PrimeCare! - Simplifying SpeedFusion Deployments

We are pleased to introduce our new program: PrimeCare! This subscription service makes SpeedFusion networks easier to build by bundling the following services:

  • SpeedFusion Capability : Unlocks all possible SpeedFusion and multi-WAN capability for the device.
  • InControl Management : Ability for the device to use InControl central management.
  • Warranty Support : Subscription to our Warranty service.
  • FusionHub Compatibility : Ability to connect to FusionHub without consuming a spot.

For the initial launch, we will be implementing PrimeCare versions of the Transit Mini and the Transit Duo . The Transit Mini is good for PrimeCare because it is meant for higher-volume deployments that would benefit from one-stop central management and warranty subscription. As for the Transit Duo, PrimeCare will help it reach its full potential by enabling SpeedFusion bandwidth bonding.

PrimeCare Webpage

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