Introducing multi-WAN solutions into business offerings


  • An ISP offering home, business and event internet.
  • Current project consists of supplying High Availability Private Networks.
  • Utilizing metropolitan fibre, fixed wireless and cellular communication.


  • To create a private network for home and business clients.
  • The ability to utilize various WAN options (metropolitan fibre, fixed wireless and cellular communications)
  • Previously using Peplink’s MAX BR1, but due to increased usage, they would want a more capable device.
  • Solid and reliable devices for high availability SDN implementations.
  • Multi-modem solutions for their generalized deployments.


  • Deploy a Balance 20X. Compared with their previous MAX BR1, the Balance 20X has multiple LAN ports for connecting their devices. Supporting dual band Wi-Fi AP makes this device extremely versatile.
  • This excellent wireless SD-WAN router has a FlexModule Mini, allowing for upgrades should you need to expand into a second LTE connection. This along with an ethernet WAN input makes it an extremely versatile device.
  • Deploy a MAX Transit Duo.
  • The MAX Transit Duo has two embedded cellular modems capable of bandwidth bonding. Additional features such as ethernet WAN input and simultaneous Dual-Band 11ac Wi-Fi output for when it’s required.
  • Both devices can handle multiple cellular modems and have ethernet WAN inputs to create an unbreakable connectivity, when you need it the most.
  • FusionHub can be deployed at different cloud servers to suit business needs. This acts as a 2nd end-point, only requiring one virtual device to support multiple devices.
  • If you don’t have the architecture to host your own FusionHub, you can also opt for Peplink’s SpeedFusion Cloud. This will give you the flexibility to choose multiple endpoints around the world to cater for your clients.

Devices deployed


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