Introducing Flex AP - Our Most Versatile Outdoor AP Yet

The Flex AP outdoor access point provides an unprecedented level of versatility and power in a compact, rugged package that fits almost anywhere and stands up to almost anything.

**Flex AP Features **
The new Flex AP offers an impressive range of features designed to get users connected anywhere, anytime, on their terms:

  • Embedded Cellular Modems

Available with dual embedded 3G world-mode modems or a single embedded 4G LTE modem, the Flex AP gets users online wherever they work. 3G users can even use both modems at the same time with SpeedFusionTM bonding, boosting both speed and reliability.

  • World’s First Software-Selectable Antennas

The Flex AP is the first AP with embedded, software-selectable directional MIMO and omni MIMO antennas. Whether users need point-to-point performance or 360-degree coverage, the Flex AP has them covered, without extra equipment.

  • Dual PoE Connections

Featuring dual 802.3af PoE outputs, the Flex AP can power two devices from a single power source, cutting cable and deployment complexity.

  • **Extreme Durability **

The Flex AP is just as comfortable working in desert, marine, and arctic environments as it is in the office, making it the ultimate go-anywhere AP.

  • Centralized Management

From Pepwave’s InControl cloud-based management interface to our FusionHub Controller, control of the Flex AP is intuitive and available anywhere, anytime.

Order the Flex AP Today
The new Flex AP is available now. For more information, please visit our website and download the Flex AP datasheet.

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I couldn’t find useful information regarding receive sensitivity and maximum transmission power in the datasheet.

Please advise.



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