Introducing Firmware 8.0: The Enterprise Upgrade



Enterprise deployments have unique challenges: they operate behind deny-all firewalls and require smooth videoconferencing regardless of the site location. Firmware 8 has tools to meet all these needs and more:

  • New Provisioning Possibilities : Use the SIM Injector to add 8x SIM cards to your deployment. Apply backup outbound policy rules in case WAN lines drop out. Build VPN with simultaneous Layer 2 and Layer 3 tunnels. Use DPI Traffic Steering to intelligently send traffic to specific WAN links within a SpeedFusion connection.
  • Connectivity Bottleneck Breakers : Use FEC to combat packet loss while minimizing bandwidth consumption. Send SpeedFusion traffic via TCP to prevent UDP traffic throttling. Use your router to send SMS to service providers that require SMS to resume service.
  • Road Warrior Ready : Securely access the corporate network from any remote device using OpenVPN.

Firmware 8.0 is available on our download page, click the link below to get yours! For more support material, we’ve prepared a webpage explaining each of our features in detail, link is available below.

Get Firmware 8

See Firmware 8 Webpage


Is 8.0 GA the same build as RC4 1429? I am getting build 1429 when download from the link above. Thank you

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Yes. They are same.

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Fantastic job, big applause to the whole team !!!



Just consolidated 38 firewall rules into 7. Thank you!


I have a MAX BR1 MK2, running firmware 7.0.1. Can you confirm that I need to upgrade to 7.1.2 first, as indicated in the 8.0.0 release notes? If so, I assume I need to use the manual upgrade method and using the 7.1.2 image from the firmware archive, as the automatic method seems to want to upgrade direct to 8.0.0, skipping 7.1.2.



BR1 MK2 should be fine to upgrade direct from 7.0.1 to 8.0.0.

For BR1 models that failed to upgrade direct to version 8, you should getting the following error. If you found that, please upgrade the device using firmware version 7.1.2 first prior to upgrade using firmware version 8.0 (Refer to release note)

If you still found problem to upgrade your device, please open a support ticket for support team to check.

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