Intra-VLAN Routing

If I have a network of only VoIP Phones that will need 3 VLANs total just because of the amount of phones, would I need to Enable Intra-VLAN Routing for all 3 subnets in the Balance that I create and would I need to enable Asymetric VLAN in my switches? Reason I ask is because I have never had to build a network with 3 VLANS just for phones. I have always made the default VLAN for computer traffic and one other VLAN for the Phones.

All switches will be connected via fiber to a 10 Gig fiber switch, then from fiber switch, via fiber to a Balance 2500. i am also assuming I am going to have to Tag all 10 Gig fiber ports on that core switch for every VLAN ID that I create?

All phones need to be able to communicate with each other internally and will all be running over the same WAN.


3 Vlans for IP phones should be fine as long as they can comminucate with each other and SIP server. Of course inter-vlan routing is needed for this.

Theorytically you should tag all uplink or downlink ports on switches for these 3 Vlans.

Asymetric VLAN is depending on customer need whether Vlan control is needed. This should be an option (personal thinking). Anyway consult your network vendor for more details.

Thank you.