InTouch IC2 User Role


Have thought of developing a role (in IC2) only for InTouch services?

There is already roles as Viewer for Captive Portal, ADS, etc. So, it would nice to have the same for InTouch… this service can be useful for other people that not neccesary should have total access to the Group.



Hi @Hector_Cardenas_CTONet

This is possible - when you configure InTouch, there is a tick box. This is empty by default, but ticking this box would allow Organisation viewers / Group viewers to be able to use InTouch.

I think this is a really useful feature - allowing authorised engineers to access equipment on the LAN side of a Peplink, without giving them admin access to the Peplink too.


I hope this helps,

Hi Steve,

Definitely it helps!

However, it would be even better if there can be a role specifically for InTouch services… I mean, Organization or Group Viewers still have access to “sensitive” information that an IoT manager (that monitors specific industrial devices) or a IT Support Engineer (that monitors TI/peripheral devices) doesn’t need to see it.

Just a thought… thanks!