InTouch Guidance

I have a Max Transit Duo ProE set up on my boat with 2 cellular data plans. Both go thru a speedfusion tunnel. InControl is successfully configured and accessible.
I have a Linux NUC on the boat LAN that I would like to access via SSH and remote desktop via InTouch. I have successfully accessed other servers on that Linux machine (SignalK & Grafana for telemetric data) via InTouch.
Watching the Peplink InTouch intro video, it shows both remote desktop entries and SSH entries, but I am unable to figure out how to set those up.
Is there a guide to different InTouch scenario setups that I may follow.
Thank you in advance for your guidance and patients.

Got the SSH working. Just had to dropdown the box and select SSH :).
Still working on remote desktop RDP/VNC.
Probably more of a port allow issue on the Ubuntu machine.
Thanks tho :slight_smile:

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