InTouch compatible IP cameras

Dear Peplink community,

We are searching for an IP camera that is confirmed to work with InTouch.
Our current cameras Foscam F19961EP and Osiris OS-I5-EENS5F-EMST-0280 cannot be used to access the footage remotly.
The Foscam requires a driver for the browser. With the Osiris camera we are able to access the web GUI but the footage is not coming through via the http InTouch interface.
On InTouch is clearly being marketed for the use with IP cameras so it must be possible.

Did anybody successfully access live footage from a certain IP camera over InTouch already?

Thanks in advance!

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I’ve successfully used a (newer) Amcrest IP8M series PTZ camera. It’s junk but it works fine via InTouch for a cheap temporary surveillance application. I’ve also used the web interfaces of Axis and Avigilon cameras across InTouch with no issues, but you run into quite a price difference there.

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Thanks for your reply. I will have a look at those!

Issue with the IP cameras we have was not with the camera but with our InControl setup. Our company runs InControl on its own servers. I believe our firewall setup blocks the video stream.

Vivotek cameras work in http mode with http compatibility in mode1.

Both camera configuration and viewing the stream (in h265).