Interpreting Usage Reports from InControl2

Hi! New user here. I have a Max HD4 and a FusionHub instance connected with a SpeedFusion Tunnel. The use is Live Events AV. Before having the HD4, we would just check throughput on whatever internet access was provided, set encoder rates accordingly, and stream the event. We have a pretty good idea of what services need what kind of bandwidth. Now however, with SpeedFusion, a FusionHub instance on AWS, and 4 SIM cards, total data becomes important. We have subscriptions to pay for.

We had an event this week, and used the HD4 to combine the in-house network with cell access. The client had 3 computers total on our HD4, all running Microsoft Teams. The next day, I pulled up the usage report for the SpeedFusion VPN, and was surprised at the amount of data we had used. (30GB up, 29 GB down) Maybe it is normal?

Here is a screen shot:

  1. Is this the place to get information for total data used? We have a strong interest to include a charge of some sort for GB usage on rentals, but I need to know I am being fair and consistent.
  2. Why is the data measured in SpeedFusion different from AWS? Isn’t all of the data, regardless of ISP (cell, wifi, in-house network) going through SpeedFusion and out the FusionHub instance? Our AWS bill for the entire month only included 44GB of data. I’ll admit, I have never used AWS or any other cloud server before, and the array of options once you are logged in is a little overwhelming. Does it even matter what the AWS data is?
  3. Is there a better way to go about gathering usage data per event for this use of SpeedFusion?



Hi Aaron,

  1. The screen is a group-level report. It aggregates multiple devices’ usage. When a client on the HD4 sent 1 MB of data, the FusionHub will receive and send 1 MB each. The group-level usage report will show 3 MB of usage.
    So I suggest you click into the HD4 and FusionHub’s “Bandwidth and Usage Reports” and look into the day’s usage instead.
    Alternatively, you may also check the organization or group-level “SIM Card Reports”. It allows you to define SIM pools. The system will generate the SIM pools’ reports.

  2. AWS just charges you outbound traffic. Inbound traffic is free. (Source) Would it be the cause?

  3. See #1 above. You could look at the HD4’s Bandwidth and Usage Reports and see the HD4’s
    usage on the event days.

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