Internet speed slow performance to client mechine

Hi. We are you using 5 ISP internet connection in Peplink (Peplink Balance 1350). There is 2 Static IP and 3 PPPoE connection has been configured. Recently, we facing the internet speed is a very slow performance for the client PCs, I have tested the speed test connection with several PCs the speed can goto 400 MB download and 200 MB with a different IP address. An example of slow performance is webpages loading very slows all the devices, streaming, Google mail services and etc.

Take note: last two weeks before we have upgraded firmware 7.0.0 to 8.0.1.

Kindly suggest on this matter.


You able to get download 400Mbps and 200Mbps from the PC but accessing to streaming, Google mail service from the same PC still slow ?

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Yes Sitloongs. Even browsing any sites its be very slow.

Can this be route path issue ? The PC can get 400Mbps down & 200Mbps up via speedtest suppose this should not related to internet link congested issue. Do you tested by isolate the PC route via specific internet link ? All link still have problem ?

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