Internet speed limitation

hi, I have balance one core, my tm unifi is 800mbps,
when i speedtest, it only can get 200mbps, please guide me how to get full speed

Hi. Are you saying you are using Wi-Fi as WAN where the Wi-Fi AP is a Ubiquity Unifi device? Kindly clarify.

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I am using cable connection to wan1,

TM unifi is local isp

Hi again. As you can see here – – the SOHO’s maximum rated throughput is 150mb/sec.

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My model is balance one core,

Ahhh. Sorry – my error. You were clear about that in your first post. The Balance one is rated for 400 or 600 (depends on the number of WANs – ) – but that does not explain why you are getting 200. So, I’ll defer to others.

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can you try connecting directly (remove the peplink device from the mix) and see what speeds you get?


If I connected via isp router directly, I can get 800mbps which match my subscription speed

hi thyekc

We will possibly need to have a closer look at what is happening. Could you open a support ticket by visiting Peplink Ticketing System and we will see what is happening.