Internet keeps dropping on all my wifi devices


I installed the Surf SOHO about a month ago and I’ve been seeing the internet connection drop on the devices connected via wifi. The wifi connection remains at full strength but the internet connection stops. It can be fixed by toggling the wifi off/on on the device, or restarting the device. This happens with 4 iPhones, 3 iPads an Apple TV and a windows pc. Hard wired devices are unaffected. If I run a speed test when it drops it won’t even load the page and after toggling wifi off/on I get full 100mb internet speed. This problem is new to this router; my old one never had a problem. I only switched because of the recent router security problems that have been all over the news.

Is there some setting on the router that is incorrect or something? I have scanned all the channels in my area and have it set to the best ones. If I can’t find a solution to this then I will be forced to buy a different router, it’s that much of a problem. I’d thought I’d ask here first before making that move. Thanks in advance.


@Whoos, not sure which hardware revision is your unit, but you can load the latest firmware and see if it make any difference.

If that doesn’t help, you may submit a support ticket here for the team to follow up the case.


A few things to check:

Check the event log for errors around the time devices go offline
Looking at the router:
–watch the list of clients attached to the router to make sure they are all yours
–watch the signal strength for the wifi devices. If the router thinks the signal is strong and they go offline anyway, there are very different suspects than if the router indicates a weak signal. A signal strength in -40s or -50s is great. Low 60s probably OK.

Have the DHCP server log every time it hands out an IP address. Might be useful.

A problem that all Wifi networks have is mean people nearby. There is a command to knock a device offline and anyone can send that command at any time. WPA3, I believe, has a fix for this but for now, there is no defense.

If its an interference issue (not that is sounds like it is) have one network that is only 2.4ghz and one that is only 5ghz and see if that makes any difference.


I have a soho router HW 2L it has same issue with setting of
WIFI AP setting:
protocal 802.11ng (2.4ghz)
1: 2 pads wifi internet connected but no internet
2: 2 iphones wifi internet connected but no internet
3: IP camera is 2.4ghz ok

I cannot set protocal to use dual band at once,Does anyone know how? ( 2.4Ghz & 5ghz)
But protocal 802.11na seem to be good, my ip camera won’t work with 5ghz band.