Internet access unstable

Hi, Peplink guys,

We just set up a Peplink infrastructure like the attached, and the basic functions are working properly.

The peplink can aggregate the Internet lines (100M + 100M = 200M ) to from a great bandwidth;
but we found the applications (http, https, anydesk…traceroute ) are unstable, due to two internet lines are being used ( in-turn ? ).

How I can tune up the Peplink devices for stabilizing the applications, thx ?

p.s. we are using default Peplink configuration (outbound policy is auto ).
Peplink infrastructure 01

It looks like the SRX345 is doing NAT is that right? If so change your HTTPS persistence rule to ‘By Destination’

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Hi, Martin,

Thanks so much for your kind help. You are correct, NAT is configured in SRX, due to we have a lot of NAT configurations, it is not flexible implemented in Peplink.

How about other applications ; can I configure “Persistence mode” for any protocol, thx ?

With best regards
Benson LEI

Yes of course, and you can also consider manually prioritising bandwidth hungry apps over specific WANs too.

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Hi, Martin,

I still found the application unstable after “Persistence mode”.
Application unstable

May I configure the “Persistence mode” for both source and destination, thx ?

I am using Firmware 8.0.2.

Do I also need to change Peplink firewall, thx ?

Finally, problem is found that it is infrastructure issue.
The segment between Peplink and SRX should be defined External ( viewed from SRX ),