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Anyone can shed some light as how Max BR1 chooses to which GSM service provider will connect?
I have acquired an international data GSM SIM that has preferred service providers in each country. The problem that I have is that the Max BR1’s will be installed in vessel’s travelling from Europe to Asia and back and I am just wondering how it will “choose” the correct/preferred network?

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We will connect based on the carrier list from the SIM card.

Hope this help.

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Thank you for the reply; is there a possibility to create an “approved” list of GSM providers that the SIM card can connect to? Additionally can you please advise when GSM modem resets automatically? E.g the other day my Max BR1 was picking up the wrong GSM network and APN settings.

We can whitelist/blacklist MCC only in the coming release v7.0.2.

The cellular module will keep resetting when it failed to attach to the cellular network.
As mentioned, the carrier info retrieves from the SIM card. The BR1 will connect to the cellular network based on this retrieved info.
Can you share how you notice and confirm the BR1 is picking the wrong cellular network?

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I can see that from the GSM details. I reside in Cyprus, so when I tried with a local SIM card it picking up an irrelevant APN and I can’t remember for the carrier and when I tried with a worldsim SIM card, it was picking the details of a Netherlands SP.

I can do a new test with both SIM cards in 2-3 days and post the screenshots.

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