Internal server:8080 to nat to valid IP

I have an internal server with a web server on port 8080. I have a valid IP. I entered the internal server into NAT and associated it with the valid IP but couldn’t add the port#.
I have tried everything I can think of BUT when I enter the valid IP associated with the server in NAT it goes to port 80. When I enter valid server#:8080 I get a 403"forbidden access"

Any ideas how I can make this work?

I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but the URL format that includes a port number uses a colon, but no hashtag:

it sounds like you might be trying something different, such as

Apologies if I’ve misunderstood.

Why not?
When you set up port forwarding you get this interface where you can select the port, the WAN IP and the internal IP:

Is that what you did?

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yes, exactly that.
It doesnt seem to recognize porr 8080 but just goes to port 80 which goes to my IIs webserver itself.

Weird. Well that’s how it should work. On IIS is that a virtual host on 8080? Is IIS expecting the right hostname in the headers virtualhost config? Maybe it’s not expecting the public IP?

Try changing the binding to be “*:8080:” to allow external traffic. This basically means that you’ll respond to any requests on that port, regardless of the hostname in the request.

I’ve just seen you’re getting 403 errors - this are typically file and folder permission related. Make sure the web folder root has the right permissions.

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