Internal IP cannot access nat devices using external ip to connect?

I’m user peplink 710, I’m nat devices, but my laptop cannot access nat devices using external ip to connect? When bring the laptop go home, can get in nat devices. How to help?

Hi. Are you by any chance trying to access a NAT port on an alias IP on the WAN - so not the main IP on WAN1 for example but an ‘Additional IP’ on WAN1 instead (or whatever WAN it may be)?

Having some trouble understanding the original question. To rephrase, you want to access devices behind your Peplink 710 when you are at home? If so you need to connect your laptop to the 710 using Remote User Access VPN. Easy to set up, the tools are built into all the Balance models.

I’m view camera.
At home view ok.
At company don’t view?

This is called NAT hairpinning (accessing a local device on the LAN using the WAN IP of the router) and should work fine. I have seen reports of issues with IP aliases of the WAN port but not the IP directly assigned.

I tend to set up DNS to help with this. So externally hosted dns as a CNAME or A host record for the WAN IP (eg and then I add an internal DNS name which is the same but points to the LAN IP.

That way internal LAN users access directly on LAN IP but when they are external (at home etc) they are using WAN IP.

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