Internal Firewall Not Working for VLANS/Networks???

I sat down at began setting up my new 20X, and I seem to have an issue with Inter-VLANs not being blocked via firewall entries.

I have a lot of VLANs and need granular restrictions…

20X WIFI AP is set for VLAN5. Laptop gets DCHP assigned address correctly for that VLAN. All VLANs have inter-routing enabled.
At first when I tried to ping other VLANs from my laptop, it didn’t work. I double checked my firewall entry and it looked fine with (VLAN5) allowed to communicate to ANY IP. I then disabled all rules to eliminate all potential issues. Suddenly, I could ping all VLANS and the untagged net from VLAN5.

I went back and re-enabled some firewall rules, but I still was pinging all VLANS. I then explicitly put a rule in to DENY any ICMP from VLAN5 to ANY. I am still pinging away. The logs show no firewall activity ever. I have uBlock disabled.

Where am I going wrong?


Here’s a screenshot (second octet is VLAN#):

I figured it out…

It was BitDefender on my laptops. I had to manually add ICMP to Allow on the computers…

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