Intermittent VoIP connection issues

We are using a Balance 380 with 80+ VoIP phones from a hosted provider. I’d say at least once a week we have a phone that gets a “URL Call disabled” error message. Our VoIP provider is telling us it is the Peplink and that the following transaction takes place:

  1. Phone submits a registration request
  2. Provider sends a UN/PW challenge
  3. Instead of username /password , Phone came back with another register ( The challenge is not reaching phone )

Our 380 is set up with SIP to over a second WAN port with highest priority using port 5060.

I had thought there might be port saturation but would like to get additional input from other users before opening up more ports.


Can you share your network diagram which show the connection between SIP phones and server? Is it as below?

SIP phones > B380 > Internet > SIP server

Normally we need to do sniffing for this case. Please do steps below when problem occur:-

  1. Please login your Web Admin Interface as an administrator and type the following on your web browser, replacing the “IP of your device” field with your device’s web admin access IP address. By default, it is set as

http://”IP of your device”/cgi-bin/MANGA/support.cgi

  1. Navigate to “Network Capture” and click Start button.

  2. Please capture 3 - 5 minutes.

  3. Click Stop button.

  4. Download Diagnostic Report (Just above Start and Stop button).

  5. Open ticket and submit the Diagnostic Report.

Thank you.