Inter-VLAN Routing

I use a Balance 580 with fw 6.2.2 There is VLAN1 for network devices (switches, APs) and a VLAN10 for server, computers and printers. Inter-VLAN routing is enabled on both VLANs but I cannot communicate between the two networks.

For security reasons Internet traffic has to go via the firewall at the head office so there is an outbound policy rule for both networks that sends all trafic with destination “any” into the Speedfusion VPN. Apparently that includes also networks that are local.

How can I configure the Peplink Balance that it should not use the Speedfusion VPN to communicate with local networks?


Hi Marco,

I tested inter-Vlan routing is working fine with the outbound rule you defined. I also tested with Expert mode.

I suggest to open ticket for us the study your existing routing in Balance 580.

Thank you.

I opened a ticket but support suggested to remove the outbound rule as that will send all traffic to the VPN. However if I would remove the outbound rule and add a new one to communicate with the rest of the company networks (ca 250+), which are all on 10.64.x.x or 10.69.x.x like the two local networks, I will run into the same problem.

I don’t understand why the Peplink Balance cannot understand that the two VLANs are local and should not be send to the VPN.


I have revisit your case believe the issue reported is more on the IPSEC route scenario more than the mention Speedfusion route issue.

Regarding to the IPSEC route scenario, this have been fixed in firmware version 6.3.0. Please upgrade the B580 using firmware version 6.3.0 and this should fix the Inter-Vlan routing issue as discussed.

Thank You

The IPSEC route was just a test to see if I could communicate between the VLANs. I setup one IPSEC VPN (VLAN1) and one Speedfusion VPN (VLAN10) but unfortunately I still can’t communicate between the VLANs.


I have updated the support ticket. Base on the diagnostic, seem like the device still running firmware version 6.2.2, thus make sure you upgrade the B580 using firmware version 6.3.0 & this should fixed the reported issue.

Let’s us following using the support ticket.

Thank you

Where can I find fw 6.3.0?

6.3.0 should be going public in the next week or two. If you want to check out the beta you can go here:
Peplink | Pepwave - Forum!

OK, the version 6.3.0 solved the problem. I now can communicate between the VLANs


Good the heard that the issue is solved.

Thank you