Inter VLAN Routing Plus HA Setup


Currently new setup for our customer using Peplink 1350. Branches all traffic (VPN + Internet) need to go via HQ.

User request the isolate incoming traffics (Speedfusion + Internet). i am using inter-vlan routing to isolate the traffic by vlan at switch. Latest now, have to deploy HA. Will it work ???


Hi Jason,

HA setup & Inter-VLAN routing are two different entity. As long as the standalone/single unit deployment working fine, it won’t cause any issue for the HA deployment.

Possible please share us the network diagram for the deployment & we can advice further.

Thank You


The Branches traffic (VPN + Internet) need to go through HQ then access to internet.


Hi Jason,

The given diagram doesn’t really include the routing info for the internal network & the internet gateway.

Can i assume you going to have internet gateway router for VLAN10 & internal router for VLAN20 (device that doing routing) ? And you need Peplink Balance to route the traffics accordingly ?

For your information, if you want Peplink Balance to route to internet gateway, make sure you route it using un-tagged VLAN

Thank You