Inter VLAN routing for a shared Printer

I have a Balance One set up with two VLAN networks:

10.0.32.x Untagged (which has inter-VLAN routing ON)
10.0.64.x Guest (which is tagged 1003 and has inter-VLAN routing OFF)

This works like I want: Guests can’t see anything on the main untagged network.

I have a printer which I would like to be visible to both networks. In other words, guests on the guest VLAN would also be able to print.

Is there a way to enable this somehow? Should I move the printer to the Guest network? Or use a static route? Or perhaps Bonjour forwarding?

Below is the suggestion:-

  1. Re-enable inter-vlan routing on Guest Vlan.

  2. Apply Internal Firewall rules to block Guest Vlan IPs to Untagged Vlan IPs except the printer on Untagged Vlan.

  3. Enable Bonjour Forwarding if Air Print is needed.

Hope this help.

Great suggestion, thank you.