Inter VLAN Bonjour on Surf SOHO MK3

I have segregated printers into a separate VLAN. To make them broadly accessible from other VLANs with iOS devices (etc), I need to enable Inter-VLAN Bonjour.

I found this topic but cannot find where to enable Bonjour in the SOHO MK3.

How do I enable Bonjour on the SOHO MK3?

Bonjour forwarding is supported in Balance or HD routers.

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In other words it won’t work on a SOHO.

Older post I know, but are there any plans to enable this in a future firmware release for the Surf SOHO MK3? just bought it a couple of weeks and liking it so far, but sadly need to keep a brother printer on my main lan for wife and kids to print with AirPrint and chrome printing.

I did block all outbound traffic however for the printer without any impact on wireless printing but ideally would like to keep it in my iot vlan instead.

Perhaps the printer could be in two places at once? That is, could it be Ethernet connected to one VLAN and WiFi connected to another? Or, connected to one VLAN via the network and still usable via a usb connection? Just guessing.

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Hi Mike,

Its a brother laser printer… i dont know if it allows multiple interface connections… i suspect it can only be wired or wireless.

I currently have it wired to my main lan where my iDevices and chromebooks reside to enable airprint and chrome printing…

I tried hard wiring it to mt iot VLAN (assigned a lan port on my SURF to vlan1) but chromebook couldnt see it… I was surprised, i was expecting this behaviour from airprint. I assumed chromebook printing was cloud driven and didnt require L2 visibillity… guess i was wrong.

this is interesting - suggesting a ipv6 workround >> Printer problems