Integration of third party WAP with Peplink Captive Portal for InControl2 & Balance Routers

Hello Peplink Engineering,
(Post as recommended by Yaw Theng in support Ticket #769763)
Our customer has a large enterprise outdoor network already established at site. They are using a Peplink Balance 580 as the primary gateway and to supply a Captive Portal via a VLAN to one of the networks SSIDs.
It has come to our attention that we can improve the authentication control happening at the WAP end. The equipment is from Cambium Networks, the WAPs are all cnPilot e500 units.

Cambium Networks have supplied us with the following URLs, though most of this is going over our teams head currently.

Here is snapshot of what we see when attempting to program the required settings in.

Where we need Peplink’s help on is what Peplink settings to put into the WAPs for the local authentication to work with the Peplink InControl2 Captive Portal that we have already created through the Peplink Balance 580 router in addition to the VLAN settings that are already working.
Appreciate your guidance on this,
Marcus :slight_smile:

PS, Our apologies for mentioning another band here, though we do work with a lot of vendors and manufactures, integration is a large part of what we enjoy helping customers with everyday.