Integrated AP controller or InControl?

What is the best way to utilize the outbound policies on my max hd4 ? i have the peplink access points and i dont know weather its better to use the integrated AP controller of the router or the incontrol2 setup. can you please help?
thanks in advance

Since I only manage a handful of devices, I have found it easiest to just do local AP management.

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jmjones is right. It’s depend the requirements for the deployment.

If you only have few devices for the deployment then you may find the local AP management is easy for the deployment.

else if you deployment having a requirements to access/configure the APs from anywhere (Remote WebAdmin), devices monitoring status, full feature for IC2 captive portal feature, reporting and others, than you should consider to manage the APs through InControl2 cloud.

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Thank you guys! Appreciate the help! Ill go for ic2