Install vpn on Peplink router

I am using Peplink balance 30 pro. I bought it recently. I have five to six devices to connect with like smart tv smart phones and office laptop due to work from home. I want to install vpn on my router to secure my entire traffic which pass through the router. Secondly, installed a vpn on router is a best rather than install vpn on each devices. I do not have a technical skills that is why i subscribed a vpn service.

My biggest reason to purchase a vpn is to use on android tv to watch region lock content easily but is it safe to use on android tv? Download VPN for Android TV - Free Trial | PureVPN or not because I am new and never use vpn before. So, I want to ask this question from the safe side. Do you suggest me any other safest option which help me in this concern.

Thanks in advance

Peplink offers an OpenVPN client - I use it with ProtonVPN to secure my Surf SOHO traffic. Not sure of compatibility with other VPN providers.

What you are asking about is not a VPN, it is a VPN client. There are also VPN servers and your Peplink router can be a VPN server but that’s a whole
different thing.

As for VPN clients, Peplink offers only an OpenVPN client. Other types of VPNs are not supported by Peplink. There are many VPN companies that support OpenVPN. ProtonVPN is a good choice.

That said, I am not sure that using a VPN client in your one and only router is a good idea. The VPN can fail and all your devices suffer even if your Internet connection is fine. Also, there is a speed penalty when using any VPN and again, all your devices suffer that slower speed. Consider using a second router to run your VPN client software.

Finally, do not use PureVPN.

I am curious about your “do not use purevpn” advice. Is there something I should know?

I used Pure VPN for a bit and did not like it. Forget the details though.

I would also avoid Windscribe as their Windows software is buggy and tech support is really bad.

Hi Michael,

So are you currently using a Open VPN client on your Balance? I am banging my head against the wall trying to get traffic to route through the OpenVPN WAN.


I have not used the OpenVPN client. Yet. I do expect to try it out at some point. Is the Balance manual of any use?