install peplink OS on memory card

Hi .
I have 1 peplink 1350 but now I have found that the memory card is damaged, is there any way to guide us to replace the memory card and reinstall the new operating system?

There is no official documentation or approved method that Iā€™m aware of to do this.
It has to be replaced by Peplink engineers as a warranty repair activity.

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Hello KHA @Ngokha,
Best to open a Peplink Support Ticket through the main website.

  • If your device is under warranty, Peplink will work with you & your local partner to repair the unit.
  • If the device is out of warranty, Peplink will work with your local Peplink partner to quote you on a repair.

For any repairs, it is most likely the device will need to be sent back to Peplink in Hong Kong.
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: