Inseego MIFI M2000 Tether Drivers PEPwave SOHO MK3

Having issues geting my 5G modem to tether to my SOHO MK3. Would like to work with someone on getting the drivers made for it. Thanks

Hi. Here’s where one starts → If your modem is not presently supported there’s a link on that page that will get you going in right direction.

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Greetings … re: mifi M2000 request … I created a ticket and they directed me to features request … so here am I as well … ticket number 21080507…

@downertc, it seems like your MIFI is detected but not passing traffic. Our technical support engineer will follow up with you on the ticket.


Thanks! I restarted the cellular modem a few times and it works just fine. I don’t know why sometimes its plug and play and other times it needs a reboot or two but I’m happy with it. Great router, really appreciate it!