Initial Set Up

I’m a user of a brand spankn’ new BR1 Max. I have some electronic skills, but would prefer to just plug-n-play. The 193 page manual is good for the software/firmware in the BR1, but nobody’s out there telling me how to do initial setup. For example: at a macro level, how do I set up a cellular connection for this thing, given the parts that I have and the parts that I need? Which antenna goes in which hole and how do I interact with my cell phone carrier?

Thank you for the feedback, I think we could provide a how-to or quick start-up for initial setup. Otherwise feel free to check out our knowledge base that may be able to answer your initial inquiries.

The antennas should have been marked with Wifi/Cellular etc…Regarding initial setup it should be plug and play. In your case the IMEI/MEID of our devices are already registered with the carriers, so you should be able to pop the SIM in and should receive network connectivity. You may need to contact the carrier to activate on certain cases, but all they should need is the MEID/IMEI that can be located by logging into the unit and clicking on “detail” of the cellular connection.