Industrial graded connectors

Hi Peplink staff,

I just want to give a product feedback regarding the ethernet connectors for the MAX routers.
I’m currently working for the iron-ore mining railroad industry in Australia. Our customers have networking equipments running on their locomotives. From my understanding, our industry compliance with the US railroad standard, requires at least M12 industrial graded connectors. Some of our older hardware even used aerospace / military-graded round metal connectors for all their networking equipments. The standard RJ45 connectors will not qualified for railway deployment due to vibration during years of locomotive operations.

From time to time, I was thinking to recommend Peplink’s product to my customers but due to the lack of M12 industrial graded connectors, my customers won’t even consider using the Peplink products. I hope your engineering team can consider this problem in their product design to cater for heavy industrial deployment. Hope it helps your business.

Martin Siu

Hi Martin,

We have a M12 version of MAX Transit that could fit your railroad industry in Australia and you can query our sales for more information.