Individual Operating Schedules for multiple managed AP

I would like to be able to specify different Operating Schedules for multiple Access Points using the AP Controller. Please consider adding this feature.

This is supported. You can create multiple AP profiles (AP > Profiles) with different Operating Schedule. Then associate the APs to the respective profile (AP > Access Point).

This is supported on AP Controller Pro. Please find here for more detail for AP Controller Pro and Standard version.

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Ah. Unfortunately, AP Controller Pro is not available for the Balance One. I guess I’ll just manage my AP One Rugged devices separately.

Any chance that you could make AP Controller Pro available as a Feature Add-on for the Balance One?

@Upside, if we could we would. The AP Controller Pro is not just a software thing, it requires a more advanced hardware platform and that is why it is only available on the higher end models.


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Since I would assume you aren’t going to purchase a higher end model for AP scheduling - have you looked for any POE injectors that have a scheduler built into them?

I did a quick google search for “POE Injector timer scheduler” and found a couple of options. I didn’t drill down to what they cost, but looking at the features, it appears to be a bridge/POE injector with a webGUI for configuration. If they end up costing a fortune - please don’t fling poo :poop: at me!


Thank you for the creative suggestion, jmjones.

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