Individual Data Limitation


We are a reseller of Peplink product, for instance the MAX BR1 which we have been selling more and more the last few months.

Unfortunatly, there have been some complaints about not being able to put a data limit on the 2nd SIM-card and no automatic failover on the router.
I’ve spoken to Jason from Peplink Support via e-mail about why there can not be put a data limit on the 2nd SIM-card and why there is no automatic failover.

He said this feature will be implemented soon via a firmware update, but he didn’t have an idea of when this will take place.
He advised me to inquire directly on this forum about the schedule attached to this functionality.

So my first question is: Is there any info on the release date of this functionality?

Second question: Why will the automatic failover only work when both SIM-cards are from the same provider (As stated on the Peplink knowledge base)?
This is basically restricting the customer to one provider and when that specific provider has connectivity problems, the customer cannot automaticly switch to a different provider.

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This feature Individual Bandwidth Allowance for different SIM will be available in firmware 6.1.2 which currently in beta. You can go to this forum to try it. Alternatively, 6.1.2 GA will be released in July according to current schedule.

Regarding the 2nd question, may I know which article that you are referring? In current GA firmware 6.1.1, BR1 supports different providers.

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Thank you for your reply.

The new firmware looks good, thanks!

Regarding the 2nd question, Jason from the Peplink support said the following via e-mail:

''Hi Joey,

The ability to have automatic failover upon SIM data cap (as long as the cards are from the same carrier) is a very popular feature that our Engineering Team is attempting to implement via a firmware update. I do not have a timeline for this release but feel free to inquire directly to the team in our forum (

Best Regards,
The Peplink Team’’

That being said, if the automatic failover isn’t able to switch to a different carrier as Jason states, the automatic failover functionality will be useless in alot of situations.
For instance; If an international touringcar crosses the border and wants to automaticly switch to a different carrier in the country they’re driving into, it won’t work, will it?

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Unfortunatly I have not yet recieved a reply on my additional questions, I hope to hear from you guys soon! :slight_smile:

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Hi Joey, automatic fail-over to a different provider will work as long as the carriers frequencies/bands are supported on the BR1.

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Thank you for your reply Tim.

Is there any news on when the new firmware with this functionality will be launched? :slight_smile:

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Hi Joey, we are targeting by the end of July.

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