Increasing bandwidth speeds at remote sites


We have multiple remote sites that typically run a mix of a single satellite connection and and 2-4 cellular connections that we run through a Balance One router. Currently it is set up to run as a failover system where if one connection fails the WiFi network continues to operate off the rest of the connections, but now we are looking to try and increase the overall bandwidth. Will Speedfusion bond all the connections and enable the user get faster surfing as opposed to failover? If the satellite has a 1 Mbps speed and the 2 cellular modems have 2 Mbps each, does that mean when they are watching a video on Facebook or YouTube that the video will download at 5 Mbps or is the Speedfusion just for increased VPN traffic to head office ? Right now when they do a speed test they get between 1-2 Mbps for the speedtest depending on what connection it tests
My goal is to increase bandwidth for just typical internet surfing and do not require any VPN services. I also understand that satellite and cellular does not bond well?

Thank you

Hi @Benchmark,

Bonding sattelite and cellular connections will not give good results.

The differences in latancy between 4G/3G and satellite connections are enormous, which will give bad results after applying SpeedFusion.
You will probably get even slower speeds than you had before applying SpeedFusion, since the latency will slow down the whole VPN tunnel.

The best way to apply SpeedFusion is by bonding multiple satellite connections OR bonding multiple cellular connections.