Increase throughtput for future versions of Balance


I’d like to suggest that future versions of Balance should offer increased throughput, even for the entry models.

High-speed broadband is becoming more common everyday. For instance, I now have a cheap fiber link of 200 Mbps down / 15 Mbps up at home. But speed does not mean reliability, so I still need another 20 Mbps connection as a backup. Even though I’m a home user, requiring only the feature set of Balance 20, I’d have to acquire the all-powerful-and-expensive Balance 580 just to support my current throughput. The same applies to our office where we have a Balance 210 and can’t upgrade to a better ISP due to the throughput limit.

So, please consider (much) higher capacity for your next revision, including models of two or three WAN ports. Thanks :slight_smile:

I have to agree with you :slight_smile: This is fully understood and if you have been following Peplink, I’m sure you know that we didn’t stop. We’re engineering-focused company striving to work on great products.

My apologies that I can’t share too much details with you now but you will hear our next big news soon! And 2014 will be a very exciting year for both our customers and ourselves.

Do you have an estimate on when these new devices might be available? I ask because you’re about to lose a customer (me) due to this issue. We’ve been using two Balance 20’s for a couple of remote offices and have been holding off on using peplink devices for any more locations. We’re actively looking for a replacement product that has better throughput. While I admit that they do lack a good number of the peplink features, the Ubiquiti Edgemax routers are starting to look promising now that the newest firmware offers a solid load balancing feature. They also support OpenVPN which is another feature you guys are lacking.

Well, just saw the announcemnt and it seems that Balance One solves all my problems (1Gbps throughput + 8 port switch + dual-band wireless N). Thank you very much for this product :smiley:

We are very excited about the Balance One router. It is a great fit for any small/branch networking needs plus really high-end power users. The Balance One will ship in mid Jan. Thank you for all your support!

That’s great!