Incontrol2 ~ When Subscription Expires



Right now I am managing the AP in my deployed SOHO routers (group management) through Incontrol2. When the device subscription expires/goes out of warranty, does the management of the AP automatically default back to “device manged” or stay at “Group management” and then I have to take actions physically to get it switched back to the device?




When device out of warranty, the device will be left as-is. The device will appears offline in InControl2. At device side, it still maintain previous settings that inherited from from InControl2 but no more update if any changes in InControl. You may disable InControl Management in device to have self managed.


So my subscription expired on a MAX BR managed by Incontrol2 device and I subsequently paid for an extended one year warranty though the PepLink online store. The device with the renewed warranty, however, still appears in Incontrol2 as expired and offline. Why does this happen? Removing the device from InControl2 and re-adding might correct this problem but I will lose all my history for the device in InControl2.

What is the process to re-enable this device within InControl2? BTW, I cannot reboot the device at the moment either.


Hi pfriedland,

Warranty information was not able to update to IC2 yesterday. You were probably affected by the problem. It has been fixed. If you still have problem, please send me the s/n.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.



unit came back online on its own. Thanks!



Beside of saying that there was a problem one day, you did not explain what is the process to update the warranty, after purchasing it?
is it supposed to automatically sense it? How soon does this process happen?
Does the router need to be restarted first??

Please explain,



It will automatically update after you purchase the warranty, it generally takes 20-30 minutes. There is no need to restart the router. Thanks.


Tim, thanks. What do I do if it has been a few hours and still does not show?


Can you give me your order number?


Thanks Oren, I received your PM and it looks like it has already updated. Thanks.



I have just paid for a subscription for incontrol 2 on a router out of warranty. It still hasn’t appeared online on incontrol. Any help would be appreciated.


@danwillis, please ensure InControl Management was enabled on both devices. You may also refer the link below to connect devices to InControl2 through a firewall.

Hope this helps.