Incontrol2 Subscription - device offline

Just have a quick question related to an out of warranty Balance 20.

I have just updated to the latest firmware, created a new incontrol2 account and also purchased a 1 year incontrol2 subscription.

How long does it take for the device to show online once the purchase is complete?

Are there any steps i need to complete after the purchase to get the device to show as online?



Hi James, usually within an hour it will update automatically. Thanks.

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Thank you. It has finally shown up in the web interface.

Everything is working great.


I’m having this same problem and it’s been about 2.5 hours since I purchased the InControl subscription. It is a Saturday night, is human intervention required on Peplinks end or is it all automated?



Fixed it. Plugged it the Ethernet WAN and it came straight online, despite having 4 dongles on 4 different networks all working perfectly.