InControl2 - SpeedFusion Detailed Graphs

The detailed graphs we can get in real time direct from a device are very useful, would there be any scope to include these graphs via IC2 and also have the data / statistics retained for a period of time in a similar fashion to how WAN quality and bandwidth stats are.

Often when I am asked to debug something or explain an issue after the fact I am often trying to answer the question of “what happened when, and why” and having access to these kinds of detailed metrics would be very useful.

I understand one downside to this may be the overhead of metrics being sent to IC2, so perhaps an option to toggle this logging could also be implemented, along with an option to just log for X hours or a specific time window - for example I have a critical live broadcast happening at 19:00-:21:00 and I would like to ensure that all metrics possible are recorded for the SF tunnel.


Thanks Will for bringing this up.
Same from my end.

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sounds usefull
+1 frommy side

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